Australian Jewish Artists

Brief biographies of a range of Jewish artists in Australia, from the early nineteenth century onwards.

The copy in this section of Jewish History Australia is in part created by linking to appropriate short artistic biographies on the web.

Some of these "external" pages feature thumbnail images of art works; clicking on a thumbnail image will produce a full-size image.
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The Australian Jewish Historical Society Journal regularly publishes articles dealing with Australian Jewish artists. With advancing technology, recent issues of the AJHSJ have featured coloured plates, so that the Journal can grace coffee tables as well as your bookshelf. For example, in the November 2004 journal, (technically it was AJHSJ Vol 17, Part 3) there is a 30 page overview of Eliezer Montefiore, the first significant Australian Jewish Artist. Here from the plate facing page 336 of this article. are these pen and water colour wash Yarra Views:

Images of two Pen and Ink and water colour wash paintings
by E.I. Montefiore