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What is really going on in the Jewish World and the Middle East bypassing the spin of an often bigotted anti-Israel media. Just what is the actual history of the establishment of Israel based on confirmable facts. Learn how to escape from the blinkers imposed by popular simplistic narratives, where the hidden information can be found, and how to learn what is being broadcast in Arabic.

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Data, sources, links, sources for the history of the Middle East Plus Lion FM studio interviews with visitors providing Mebourne with real experience of the Jewish World.

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David Olesker
Broadcast 10: The first part of an interview with David Olesker, the Director of the Jerusalem Center for Communication and Advocacy Training.
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Broadcast 8

The infamous "Wailing Wall Incident" of 1929 is also recounted.. Political families linked tribally with several families in mandated Palestine, akin to Calabrian mafia families. The massacre of Hebron is one of the most striking incidents of this period, but there are others. One was at Silwan settled by Yemenite Jews during the 19th Century -- these Jews were also expelled in 1929.

Important reference cited in this talk to the verified involvement of Palestinian leaders in the Holocaust is given in the detailed review by Elliot A Green. cited in recent article on Ynet My Jewish narrative, by Assaf Wohl

Broadcast 8:
On air 1800 Thursday 28th October, repeated Sunday 31st October at 1000 hours.
Language counts. Choose langauage to match the situation, whether it be one of dialogue, education, or advocacy. There is an initial discussion with David Olesker, who just on 30 years ago became aware of the emergence of a violent and aggressive Israel bashing. He classifies his audience into saints, sinners, and salvageables. Most of society falls into the "salvageable" category.
This is highlighted in a discussion of the incredibly evil ISM, whose objective is to place well-meaning but poorly informed and in fact deliberately falsely informed Westerners in position nof actual physical danger in the hope of death or injury that can somehow be blamed on the "wicked Israelis".
Morry and Gabby discuss the emergence of the radical Israel bashes. The first step was a change in terminology from the situation as being one of the Israeli Arab conflict to being one of the Israel Palestinian Conflict. One recent version is to refer -- in a totally historically false manner -- to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian Territory.
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On air 1800 Thursday 14th October,
Repeated Sunday 17th October at 1000 hours.
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Alexander BlighProf. Alexander Bligh
Broadcast 6:
Gabby has brough along to the Lion FM studio in Caulfield a very special guest, Prof Alexander Bligh who has served as the Adviser of Arab Affairs to the Israeli Prime Minister. Currently affiliated with Ariel University, Alex has been visiting professor at many famous universities. He is a leading expert on countering trafficing of all types of contraband. He is the creator of the concept of electronic digital passport for overcoming illicit transport.
Morry asks the first question: What is the main problem that the Muslim Arabs of Israel see at this time?

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The populations of Jews in the M.E. circa 1948 and 2004
Country in the
Middle East
 Number of Jews
in 1948
       Number of Jews
in 2004
Algeria140,000Less than 100
Egypt75,000Less than 100
Iran 100,00011,000
Iraq 150,000Approx. 35
Lebanon20,000Less than 100
Syria30,000Less than 100
TOTAL978,000Less than 18,635
Broadcast 5: Jews have lived outside Israel in almost all the countries of the Middle East for more than two thousand years. Some Jewish communities, such as those in Iraq and Egypt, were over three thousand years old when the State of Israel was reborn as a modern state in 1948. In 1946 there were over a million such Jews. Yet today many of these communities have vanished -- others are extremely tiny. In this program Gabby and Morry discuss the expulsion of more than 850,000 Jews from Arab lands and Iran, of whom over 650,000 sought refuge in Israel.
Ron Raab OAM
Ron Raab OAM

Plot above excludes Iran
Grapic for film The Forgotten Refugees
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Pix of Malki taken in the restaurant before her murder Pix of Malki Roth taken in the Sbarro pizzeria before her murder by Palestinian heroe Shuheil al-Masri, who was "martyed", aided by Ahlam Tamimi (right) who is enjoying her time in an Israeli jail, with no regrets for her action. Sbarro aftermath as detailed here
Broadcast 4:
On 9th August 2001 Melbourne girl Malki Roth, aged just 15, was amongst 15 killed in a bombing at the Sbarro pizzeria in Tel Aviv. Malki was a girl who had already dedicated herself to caring for people with disabilities. In her memory the Malki Foundation was set up, as is explained by Joe Roth. But mention must also be made of the Palestinian narrative, wherein the suicide bomber, is to be forever remembered for his achievement of killing so many women and children.
Broadcast 3:
How to establish a valid narrative: start from facts rather than convenient myths.
   Click for Podcast 02 Broadcast 2: Understanding world news. In today's post industrial society reportage of events is in accordance with the narrative adopted by the reporter. Facts not consistent with the chosen narrative are not to be considered. What goes counter to the chosen narrative is simply not reported, and other happenings are distorted to fit. Morry points out as an example a plan of Israel's foreign minister Lieberman to make Gaza totally autonomus with EU funds to construct a Gaza power station. This plan in all details runs counter to popular reporter narratives of how Israel behaves so has not been reported in Australian newspapers. Yet reported in the Palestinian newspaper Na'an on 16th July, and also in the Jerusalem Post. But, to repeat, not newsworthy as the plan could not be presented as showing Israel acting as a powerful bully to Gaza.

   Click for Podcast 01 Broadcast 1: In the first program Morry and Gabby describe the scope of intended programs and detail internet and other resources.

More recent ten episodes | Episodes 40-31 | Episodes 30-21 | Episodes 20-11 | Episodes 10-1

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The Data

Religions in Israel Excludes "seam region"
Jews75.5% exceeded 87% 1950-60
Arab Christians2.1%
Druze1.7%  Serve in Israeli Army (IDF)
Others3.9% Mostly those not affiliated
 with any religion
  Source: Statistical Abstract of Israel, 2009, CBS.
 "Table 2.2 - Population, by religion"

The Maabarot

Many of the 975,000 Jews expelled from Middle Eastern and North African countries who came to Israel were placed in tent cities called maabarot. Some families lived as long as twenty years in maabarot before moving to regular housing. Here are some scenes of maabarot life in Israel in the early years of the reformed state.



And for comparison
West Bank

Ramallah a recent image.

And in Gaza
Arab women shopping Gaza
Arab women shopping in Gaza.
Hotel in Gaza
One of the newer hotels in Gaza.
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As broadcast at 6 pm on Thursday on Lion FM at 96.1 FM and on the internet at lionfm.org

Re-broadcast at 10 am each Sunday on Lion FM at 96.1 FM and on the internet at lionfm.org