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Ozzie Jewish History Trivia

A series of questions on Aussie Jewish History Trivia and Obscurata:
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In 1901, the Federation Star was six-pointed representing six states, with another 6-pointed star in the Southern Cross;On acquisition of the Territory of Papua in 1906, the Federation Star became 7-pointed, and has stayed that way since. And, historically, the 7th point represents Papua! When did the six-pointed Star of David appear on the gazetted Australian flag, and why? And does the seventh point of the Federation Star on the current Australian flag really represent Federation?

Joseph Samuel. Three unsuccessful attempts were made to hang him on 26 September 1803, Brickfield Hill, Sydney. It was Yom Kippur What was the name of the man they couldn't hang on Yom Kipur?

Dr Jacob Jona, president of Hawthorn  (Ausralian) Football Club, a Club then in the VFL,
now in the AFL. Who was the first Jewish President of an AFL/VFL Football Club?

A leading British civil servant, Sir Matthew Nathan, filled the post of Governor
of Queensland in 192226. Who was the first Jewish Governor of an Australian State or Colony ?

Paul Cohen changed his name to Paul Cullen by deed poll in Jerusalem during WWII Major General Paul Cullen a leading Australian soldier in World War II, was born Paul Cohen to Judah Cohen, a member of a long standing Australian Jewish Family. When and where did the military leader change his surname to Cullen?

Samuel Jacobs, Henry Lazarus, Michael Michaels, Joseph Raphael, and Joseph Meyers Name the Jewish convicts who arrived in the "Calcutta" February 20, 1804 at what was to become Hobart Town?

Esther and Rosetta Abrahams, Henry Abrams, Daniel Daniells, John Harris, Frances Hart, David Jacobs, Amelia Levy, Joseph Levy certainly were Jews. Sarah Burdo, Aaron Davis, Sarah Davis, John Jacobs, Thomas Josephs and Joseph Tuso may have been Jewish. Name the Jews on the First Fleet of 1788?

Daniel Daniels arrived in 1788 on the First Fleet. The demographic problem he faced was that the only Jewish child on the  in the first years of early Sydney was First Fleeter  Rosetta Abrahams. Who was the first Hebrew teacher to come to Australia? When ? What demographic problem did he face?

Lance Corporal Leonard Maurice Keysor - born in London. Who was the first Jew to win the VC (Victoria Cross) for bravery in battle in the Australian Army.
Hint: His VC was awarded for his action in the trenches of Lone Pine at Gallipoli during 7-8 August 1915.

Lance Corporal Issy Smith born in Egypt to French parents, migrated to Australia 1912,
served from 1914 in the UK Manchester Regiment, awarded VC in 1905 for outstanding bravery at Ypres. Name an Australian Jew awarded the Victoria Cross for service with the British Army.

 AA Phillips Who - in 1950 - coined the term cultural cringe to describe a prevalent Australian feeling that their culture was inferior to certain foreign cultures ?
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