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ANUJSS = Australian National University
Jewish Students Society

ANUJSS and the Nulla Nullas

The Nulla Nullas was a children's Club run at Wallaga Lake Aboriginal Reserve, south coast of NSW, during 1964-1966
An historical overview of the relationship between Jews and the Aboriginal people of Australia is given .
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Nullas 3
Nulla Nulla Club members waiting the arrival of the ANUJSS leaders, driving down from Canberra 150 miles (246 km) away.
Nullas 4
At Wallaga Lake: inside the meeting hall.
Nullas 5
Nulla Nulla Club meeting in the meeting hall, Wallaga Lake Reserve. Note the 16mm movie projector used to show educational films from the National Library
Nullas 6
Nulla Nulla Club members, plus some younger children.
Nullas 7
Nulla Nulla Club members, a mother, and three ANUJSS members, outside meeting hall at Wallaga Lake.
Picnic 5

Trip 0
In early August 1965 a small group comprising the eldest members of the Nulla Nullas was brought to Canberra for a long weekend, billetted by members of the ACT Jewish community.
Trip 1
Outside the Kelly home at Wallaga Lake before setting out for Canberra. If you zoom you will see three Cactus Gardens sitting on the car boot. In 1965 this house, and other aboriginal houses in the village, did not have electricity.
Trip 2
Somebody\'s younger sister guards the cactus gardens in painted cans produced by the Nulla Nullas that were presented to children in the Canberra Hospital by Club members.
Trip 3
The rare spectacle of snow falling in Canberra during the Canberra trip of early August, 1965.
Trip 4
Lorraine Kelly with the snowman she made outside the house where she was billetted. Her first snow -- and the first time she had used an electric toaster.
Trip 5
While at the Canberra Airport, the Airport Fire Brigade took the Wallaga Lake kids for a high speed ride around the airport in a fire truck.

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