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ANUJSS and the Nulla Nullas

The Nulla Nullas was a children's Club run at Wallaga Lake Aboriginal Reserve, south coast of NSW, during 1964-1966
There is a "sense of shared experiences between the Jewish community and Aborigines, epitomised by the pioneering legal work of the late Ron Castan QC and Jewish involvement in the key High Court land-rights cases of Mabo and Wik."
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Those coming down from Canberra to run the Nulla Nullas became aware of more general community needs. In January 1966 an appeal was made in the local Canberra newspaper for sewing machines for the women of Wallaga Lake; about twenty were donated carried by ANUJSS to Wallaga Lake. with 4 taken to an Aboriginal Reserve near Yass. Over subsequent years these served as basis for craft, until ultimately replaced by overlockers.
Beginnings 5
Five kids along neatly fenced \"Main Street\" at Wallaga Lake Reserve
Nullas 6
Nulla Nulla Club members, plus some younger children.
Trip 1
Outside the Kelly home at Wallaga Lake before setting out for Canberra. If you zoom you will see three Cactus Gardens sitting on the car boot. In 1965 this house, and other aboriginal houses in the village, did not have electricity.
First Steps 5
At the Picnic - gathering shells.
Nullas 7
Nulla Nulla Club members, a mother, and three ANUJSS members, outside meeting hall at Wallaga Lake.
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Recognising that when key members would leave Canberra in 1966 ANUJSS could no longer run the Nulla Nullas, steps were taken to make easy the transfer to another organization in 1966, as is explained here.
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Shortly after the picnic, Harvey Cohen with a carload of other ANUJSS came to Wallaga Lake and discussed with the kids the idea of a club. The kids were asked to think up a name before we left. And as ever we organised games and all had fun.
Yuin Today 1
Recently established Umbarra Centre at Wallaga Lake offers (quote) activities [that] include boomerang and spear throwing, ochre painting, shelter building, Dreamtime stories, open fire cooking of bush tucker. Purchase locally made artefacts, paintings, didgeridoos and other arts and crafts. Umbarra also provides tours to significant local Koori sites.(unquote) Manager is Lorraine (nee Kelly) Maylor.
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Club leaders avoided press coverage of the Nulla Nullas, but sough assistance from civic and political leaders. Dr Harvey Cohen was invited to dinner in (old) parliament house in Sept-Oct 1965 by both Kim Beazley (senior) and WC Wentworth, both political champions of aboriginal issues

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