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ANUJSS and the Nulla Nullas

The Nulla Nullas was a children's Club run at Wallaga Lake Aboriginal Reserve, south coast of NSW, during 1964-1966
There is a "sense of shared experiences between the Jewish community and Aborigines, epitomised by the pioneering legal work of the late Ron Castan QC and Jewish involvement in the key High Court land-rights cases of Mabo and Wik."
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Trip 6
During their Canberra trip, Nulla Nulla members were treated to a joyride by the Canberra Aero Club.
Trip 4
Lorraine Kelly with the snowman she made outside the house where she was billetted. Her first snow -- and the first time she had used an electric toaster.
First Steps 4
One of the Nulla Nullas at the beach, on day of first picnic. Who was she ?
Z Jews and Aboriginals
Jews and Aboriginals share a common experience of dispossession and disempowerment in their own land. Hence the support that Jews and Jewish groups have offered to the Aboriginal community. An overall discussion may be found by clicking here.
Background 2
SAFA Student Action for Aborigines bus at Walgett. On Feb 12 1965 the “Freedom Bus” set out from Sydney under the leadership of Charles Perkins and Jim Spigelman. For two weeks the Freedom Bus toured NSW country towns.
Background 1
The two Yirrkalla petitions were presented to Federal Parliament in August 1963. These bark paintings are arguably the first claims made on the basis of indigenous law. Assisting in preparing this petition was Labour MP Kim Beazley (senior).
Beginnings 1
Distant View across Wallaga Lake of Wallaga Lake Aboriginal Reserve Village. Mt Dromedary (nowadays called Guluga Mountain) looms above. In 1965 the village comprised twenty houses without elecricity, the managers house with elecricity, Meeting hall, and ration shed. Prior to 1964 the meeting hall had been an aboriginal-only school, but by 1965 all children living on the reserve attended the local school at Bermagui. Few residents in the village were Juin as the Board relocated here families - largely single parent - from anywhere in NSW.
Beginnings 2
Two aboriginal girls at play at the site near Yass considered as closer (60km to Canberra) alternative to Wallaga Lake (242 km). At Yass no manager, no phones, and the homes were pathetic lean-to shanties. And this fringe settlement had recently been in the news on account of a murder.


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